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Detective Biography

I walked down the streets of Newport that night. The air was nippy as a ghastly fog rolled in from the seas. I was a reporter for the Daily Owl, sent to write an article on the nightlife of Newport. I enjoyed the beach at night. It was so peaceful, so relaxing. However, this night was totally opposite. I heard a gunshot beyond the shouting and music in the bar. I ran in it's direction, praying that I wasn't too late. I was. Her name was Rebecca Stone. She was my fiance. She was dead, shot through the skull. I cried tears of anger, depression, and utter hatered for whoever did this. I swore that I wouldn't rest until her killer was found. Three days later I found him: Regis Charles. I shot him in the shoulderbone, making him wish he was dead. But it wasn't enough. He needed to suffer more than Rebecca did. He was sent to the gallows and hung the day after. It was then a cop told me that I had a rather uncanny ability to solve crimes. It was then I changed my name for the better. I was no longer a freelance reporter at Newport. I was now LemonyShepard, ace detective of new York.

I was forced to leave Newport after knowing that Regis' apprentice-in-crime, Bennit Blackard, was after me. He wanted me dead. I was forced to retreat from Newport and come to a place more populated: New York was perfect.

My first case here in New York involved my being framed by a bank robber from San Francisco by the name of Lenny Shepram. Thankfully, I cleared my name with the help of my new allies here in New York.

I guess people aren't so bad after all.



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