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Detective Biography

ring. ring. ring. "Hello?"
"bring the money to the local park."

Father: um... he said bring the money to the park"

Cheif: great, everone, set up a perimiter around the park. snipers stay out of sight. dont worry sir, your daughter will be returned to u allright.

Father: thanks, thats very good to hear

*ten minutes later at the park*

Kidnapper: i see u brought the money, bring it here and you can have your daughter back.

*one of the snipers accidentally drops sumthing off the top of a nearby building. the father notices it as its falling and starts running. the kidnapper hears sumthing as it hits the ground*

kidnapper: crap, you set me up, now ur gonna pay.

*there is gunfire everywhere. when the smoke clears, the daughter is leaning over her fallen father*

Daughter while crying: daddy! why? why did u get in the way?

Father: dont worry, (cough) im just glad i finally did sumthing right

daughter:dont talk like that!your gonna be ok. you have to b okay.

Father: I'm so sorry, i wish... i wish i could have helped you.

Nurse: doctor! hes dead!

Doctor:damnit!why did he take off the suit!

Nurse: you mean he pruposely exposed himself to the virus?

Doctor: yea, atleast he died happy though. it seems that the virus makes you hallucinate about everything the person has ever wanted.


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Green Hand:  Neutral(0)
The Tea Steepers:  Neutral(0)
Shangri La Tigers:  Neutral(0)


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