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Scripted Mystery

Sealed Fate

by Lucian Ty
Difficulty: Incredibly hard
City: Shanghai


Malice seeps through the walls 0f a demented organization. Will the secrets of a man's murder be revealed by his final words? Or, will they remain as sealed as his fate, forever?


It was the call that truly gave the case a sense of chilling perspectives. I had been working on cold cases all morning, when my telephone rang shrilly.


"Hello?" I heard a few scrapes and a wheezy breath struggling for air.

It was a few minutes after the receiver had been picked up when I heard, very faintly, "Three powers, two elements, one evil. The sealed fate of destiny will consume you. Beware...."

Then, a loud CLONK!, and nothing.

I traced the call to an abandoned fishery near the docks. It was about noon when I found the source of the call. He was lying on his side, his eyes bulging in agony. The telephone not far away from where he fell.

I put on my gloves and rifled through the...