The Battery Boardwalk Expansion - 8 April 2017

Sleuth Home - Agencies - Metoh Mountain

Do you know whether you're a human or a bear? Take our quick quiz to find out.

1) What do you live in?
A. A house

A is human, B is bear. Either way, human or bear, you're welcome at Metoh Mountain.

Founded: May 23 2014
Home City: New York
Headquarters: Refurbished Mansion
Fame: 39927
Treasures Found: 5

Director Verali (New York)
Director Yeti Face (New York)
Officer ZykhelJr (Shanghai)
Officer Tyranomaster3 (Delhi)
Agent Diva Mysterio (Delhi)
Agent ocbeo1 (London)
Agent zykhelQ (New York)
Agent Loo Martin (Delhi)